Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


Eleven years old already! Time has flown by. I still remember bringing you home from the hospital! Your first few years we spent so much time together, just the two of us. We stayed busy and explored much of the fun things Virginia had to offer. I think that is why you are always up for an adventure now! Sometimes I look at you and I am amazed that you came from me, this gorgeous, smart, artistic, talented girl. Then we butt heads because we are SO much alike and I think, yep, this is my daughter. mckennaIt’s been an adventure for sure these past 11 years and I am so glad I am lucky enough to have been your mom!

I love you!


Birthday Girl!

Yay, it’s my birthday!

So I had no plans for my day, was just hanging out at home, but my mom would hear none of that!

She told me to get my booty outta the house and get some alone time in at the beach. I hemmed and hawed but finally got into gear and was off.

All I have to say is: Thanks, Mom. Genius plan.


I also stopped to grab myself some birthday lunch (T-dragon roll for the win). All in all not a bad birthday if I do say so myself.


Came home to some surprises left on my doorstep! Nothing like flowers to make a girl feel a little better about getting older!

From my darling husband. Man I love me some tulips! They are just starting to open and are beautiful.

Also got some sweets:



Mckenna was confused by the box. It said on the side: ‘contents may disappear after opening’.

From my mom I got some fabulously fragrant lilies.


Every time I have fresh flowers in my house I ask myself why I don’t have fresh flowers more often. (And then of course realize it’s because they are way too expensive!)

So even though it just ended up being me and the kids for my birthday, it was a pretty good day. Looking forward to next year when I’ll have my husband home to celebrate with.

Happy Birthday Baby!

So today is my husbands birthday and the poor man has to spend the day away from family or friends out on a ship in the middle of the ocean somewhere. I wish he could be home with us to celebrate.

We love you and wish we could spend this day with you.  I can’t believe this is the 14th birthday that we have spent together (even if we are not technically together)! It’s been a wild ride and I am already plotting next year, when you will be home. We’re gonna do it big!

You have a family that loves you and is thinking of you all day today!

Seriously, my husband is so good looking and doesn’t look a day over 25… I LOVE YOU BABE!


Happy Birthday Omar!

I wish your birthday could have turned out a little better. I don’t think having your daddy deploy on your birthday is a wish anyone could have had!

The past year you have grown and changed so much! You are hilarious, charming, adorable, my sweet stubborn baby boy. You are still very shy around new people but your sister was the same way when she was your age. You have a temper just like your daddy did when he was young and go from zero to MAD in about two seconds. It is perfect that your soccer team is the incredible hulks.

You’ve done great moving from Spain to Hawaii, even though it meant leaving behind the only house you’ve ever known and all of your friends. You are doing GREAT in kindergarten and your teachers wish there were twenty more kids like you in the class.

Your favorite past times are playing video games (especially your BRAND NEW 3DS XL!), driving your sister crazy, and wrestling with Bowser.

I hope this next year is wonderful for you! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much!

It’s mah Birfday!

Well it was yesterday anyway… Had to work all day and was planning on going out to eat for dinner but by the time I got home I was rethinking it.  M had football practice and wasn’t going to get home until 7, by the time we all got ready it would be 8ish then maybe to the restaurant at 8:30. While most restaurants in Spain don’t even open for dinner until 8, I didn’t want to have the kids out too late on a school night.  It is not uncommon to see kids in restaurants and bars until 10 or even 11. Our kids love it but only on the weekend!

So I rescheduled my birthday dinner for this weekend, and actually turned it into a birthday/anniversary dinner (our anniversary is tomorrow) and got a sitter.  I am really looking forward to going out, not sure whether or we are going to go to Bar Jamon or Los Argentinos… we haven’t made it to either one. Los Argentinos is closed on Mondays and that always ends up being the day we try to eat there! Bar Jamon is traditional Spanish food, with some of the best paella around… Los Argentinos is an Argentinian steak place that is supposed to have great meat.

My kids are already coloring pictures for the babysitter… O had been begging me to have her come babysit a couple of weeks ago. I guess mommy and daddy need more date nights!

NO more procrastinating, I have a ton of homework to do and I can’t put it off any longer!