Birthday Girl!

Yay, it’s my birthday!

So I had no plans for my day, was just hanging out at home, but my mom would hear none of that!

She told me to get my booty outta the house and get some alone time in at the beach. I hemmed and hawed but finally got into gear and was off.

All I have to say is: Thanks, Mom. Genius plan.


I also stopped to grab myself some birthday lunch (T-dragon roll for the win). All in all not a bad birthday if I do say so myself.


Came home to some surprises left on my doorstep! Nothing like flowers to make a girl feel a little better about getting older!

From my darling husband. Man I love me some tulips! They are just starting to open and are beautiful.

Also got some sweets:



Mckenna was confused by the box. It said on the side: ‘contents may disappear after opening’.

From my mom I got some fabulously fragrant lilies.


Every time I have fresh flowers in my house I ask myself why I don’t have fresh flowers more often. (And then of course realize it’s because they are way too expensive!)

So even though it just ended up being me and the kids for my birthday, it was a pretty good day. Looking forward to next year when I’ll have my husband home to celebrate with.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. Hi, Rebecca and again Happy Birthday! I guess you’ve received all of our mostly belated Birthday wishes! But our hearts are in the right place and Kathy has updated the calendar so we all should be ahead of tme next year! Look to me like you had a very satisfactory B.Day! When your Mom was here she barreled off to Simpson Beach for a day on her own! Must run in the family!
    love, Gram Maryann

  2. Happy birthday! That’s awesome you got flowers! I made the (stupid) mistake years & years ago when we were at Ft. Benning & broke as a joke of telling my husband not to buy me flowers anymore. I preferred that we spend the money on bills since we had so little anyway. Well, now we have plenty & he still won’t buy me flowers. We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and nope…no flowers. Not even a lei. Grrr…I told my mom to tell him it’s ok to buy me flowers now, we’re not broke anymore. Why must men be so irritating??

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