I’m kinda sorta in a HUGE funk right now. And I can’t shake it.

I don’t want to do anything, housework, cooking, leaving my house, I just want to stay home in my cocoon and be pissed off.

So to ensure that I actually get out of the house as well as hopefully get me in a better frame of mind, I have been scheduling the shit out of myself. PTA, fundraisers, Humane Society, dog sitting, Family Readiness Group, training, lunches, playdates, coffee, football. Anything so that I am not sitting at home thinking about how much longer I am going to be alone.

This sucks.

This wasn’t in my plan for Hawaii. We were going to explore the island together. I had so many more spots that I wanted to go to as a family and as a couple. We never made it to a luau and I won’t go to one without him now because that is something I want to do together.

I haven’t snorkeled since he left. That was our thing, man. Something that he found out he totally loved to do and something we loved to do together.

I was chatting with him tonight and mentioned how much they had done and he said something along the lines of it hardly matters. Which I understand. I mean what we still have left is more than a normal deployment, we have MONTHS to go before we even have a normal deployment left!

And I am angry. And sad. I feel cheated out of my time with my husband. Time that we were supposed to have together as a family. Part of it is the lack of warning or warm up time, it was so, so sudden. Part of it is the shear LENGTH! I don’t know how Army and Navy IA do this crap for a year. Over and over again.

I am just looking toward this sea of months left and thinking about everything that he is going to miss, and then he’ll be home and we’ll have to re-integrate which always sucks because he’ll feel like so much has changed since he was gone. And it will have changed, we’ll be different, the house will be different. And it’ll take time for us to get to the new normal after being separated for so long. I don’t want to deal with all that! We were in such an awesome space together as a couple and a family before he left.

Anyways. That is my vent. It’s not a unique one I know but this deployment has been particularly sucktastic.

So, pray for peace in the Middle East and all that, I want my man home.

End rant.

2 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Hang in there… and keep sharing with Omar all your day to day stuff. He IS a part of your life and you make it easier for him to know what’s going on. You are an incredible wife and mom. Omar is an incredible husband and dad. You all amaze me – you have terrific children. Keep emailing him
    photos of how things are changing in town and around the house. He won’t feel so left out. What he is doing is a part of the huge puzzle. I just want our men and women home. If Kerry becomes Sec. of State, that will be the biggest joke ever. Love, Mom (Yes, praying for peace.)

  2. I’m sorry. I get it. And I also get that it sucks when people say ‘I get it’ because they really don’t. People don’t get it. I hate it for you, and for him, and your kids, but mostly for you. I’m glad you’re staying busy. I’m the opposite, I spend all my energy trying to get out of doing everything because I want to just chill out at home or go to the beach. PTA? Forget it. Anyway. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Mainly because you don’t have a choice 😦 And that sucks the worst of all.

    Also, how awesome was that pool!?! And seriously, it’s not open to regular people? Maybe we know someone who can get us in…that doesn’t seem fair!!

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