Haleakala ~ House of the Sun

One of the things I was really looking forward to was driving to the top of Haleakala, the dormant volcano on Maui. ¬†While this isn’t an active volcano like what you can find on the Big Island, it is still … Continue reading


I am in love. I mean, I love living in Hawaii, Oahu is great… but I just didn’t know. Maui is…incredible. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to move there and never come home. It is beautiful, peaceful, gorgeous, … Continue reading

Best Birthday EVER!

So for my husband’s birthday in November I got smart and gave him a couple of gifts that I could partake in as well: A scuba dive and an ATV ride. First up, scuba with Island Divers. We were really … Continue reading

Joint Spouse Conference – Schofield Barracks

I LOVED attending the Joint Spouse Conference last year when it was hosted by the Navy on Ford Island. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to go to this one either. It is always a super bargain for … Continue reading

Lego Beach Party!

Let me tell you, having a kid old enough to just set loose at the beach is one of the most awesome things ever! I am still patting myself on the back for the beach party idea. A bunch of … Continue reading

My (not so baby) chicks

So my adorable baby chicks are growing up! They are about 6 weeks old or so and while they aren’t tiny little cute fluffy babies, they are still pretty darn cute… Especially since they are getting all their feathers in … Continue reading