Thankful November {November 13}

Day #13

Today I am thankful for my flag football team. We had a practice tonight and had a bunch of rookies join as well. As much as I may have been burned out at the end of the season it was great to sprint (only the first few, then yuck), run routes and just shoot the shit with some really fun ladies. I stepped SO far out of my comfort zone when I joined the team and now I am SO happy I did.

Thankful November {November 8}

Day #8

I am thankful for the fact that I am (reluctantly) a stay at home mom again. I love working, I love meeting people and I love doing a job. But I also love to stay home. We are blessed in the fact that we can afford for me to stay home with the kids, I don’t have to work, the kids don’t have to go into daycare for hours a day. My husband has encouraged me to volunteer or go back to school if I want. So I have pretty much thrown myself into volunteering, I really do love it. As of right now I am now the t-shirt seller at school, am finishing up a big cookie fundraiser at school that will end at our fall fest tomorrow, stepped up to be the president of our family readiness group and started fostering at the humane society. I love it. I have been able to meet a ton of people and it’s nice to feel appreciated and part of something bigger than myself!


Thankful November {November 6}

Day #6

I am thankful for technology. I am so happy that I have the ability to chat/skype/facetime with my husband when he is halfway around the world. It’s amazing that during his last deployment we relied solely on email and now we have all of these other options. I am so spoiled, I can’t imagine only having letters to communicate.

Mckenna: I am thankful that we have money to fly places.

Omar: I’m thankful that I have a soccer pizza party tomorrow!

Thankful November {November 5}

Day #5

I am thankful for democracy. While I may not agree with what you believe, we are so incredibly lucky that we have the freedom to say what we want and vote for who we want to lead our country. It really is amazing. {fingers crossed for tomorrow!}

Mckenna: I am thankful that we won our robotics tournament!

Omar: I’m thankful that we don’t have school tomorrow!

Thankful November {November 4}

Day #4

I am thankful for our health. We are blessed to have an incredibly healthy family with no major issues. My grandmother recently had to have surgery and she is already back up and driving around.  Your health is something you take for granted, and I am very grateful for it! (except for my jammed ring finger that I have a sinking suspicion may be broken…)

Mckenna: I am thankful that we are going to California.

Omar: I’m thankful that we got to go trick or treating.

Thankful November {November 3}

Day #3

I am thankful for the Navy. Now, I don’t always love the Navy (especially right now) I am thankful that my husband has a pretty stable job and that we can live comfortably on what he makes. I am also thankful that the Navy sends us on 3-4 year vacations at some of the nicest spots in the world!

Mckenna: I am thankful that we live in Hawaii.

Omar: I’m thankful that we both won our things. (A reference to him winning his soccer game and Mckenna placing in her Robotics competition!)