Thankful November {November 3}

Day #3

I am thankful for the Navy. Now, I don’t always love the Navy (especially right now) I am thankful that my husband has a pretty stable job and that we can live comfortably on what he makes. I am also thankful that the Navy sends us on 3-4 year vacations at some of the nicest spots in the world!

Mckenna: I am thankful that we live in Hawaii.

Omar: I’m thankful that we both won our things. (A reference to him winning his soccer game and Mckenna placing in her Robotics competition!)

One thought on “Thankful November {November 3}

  1. That is so funny you said that. My hubby always tells me we are taking a 3 year honeymoon (we are newlyweds) to WA. We PCS later this month.

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