Thankful November {November 4}

Day #4

I am thankful for our health. We are blessed to have an incredibly healthy family with no major issues. My grandmother recently had to have surgery and she is already back up and driving around.  Your health is something you take for granted, and I am very grateful for it! (except for my jammed ring finger that I have a sinking suspicion may be broken…)

Mckenna: I am thankful that we are going to California.

Omar: I’m thankful that we got to go trick or treating.

One thought on “Thankful November {November 4}

  1. Hi, Reb: I’m so excited that you and your two darlings will be joining us for Thanksgiving! We’ve just had an almost 3 wk. visit with your Aunt Rose who took marvelous care of not only me but my yard while I was recovering from the surgery. I’m pretty much back to normal and driving again but still tire easily, which is to be expected. Hope to be at full blast when you all arrive!! Love & Hugs, Gram

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