Is it summer yet?

I know we JUST celebrate Christmas but I am done with winter.  It was 39 degrees this morning when I came to work. I know some of my friends (especially one friend in North Dakota!) would laugh at me, and I did live in North Idaho for 5 years but I am out of winter shape!  It’s cold! We are supposed to be in southern Spain!

Of course I am here complaining about the cold and my kids are begging to go to Germany again this year so they can play in the snow!  While I don’t know if we’ll get to Germany we might take a day trip to the mountains, Spain has its own Sierra Nevada mountain range near Granada.

I think I would have preferred moving to Hawaii RIGHT NOW instead of in the middle of summer! It seems a lot of people stationed in Hawaii complain about having a warm Christmas but it sounds REALLY good right about now!

2 thoughts on “Is it summer yet?

  1. Rebecca,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and makes me miss you all so much. It is such a you thing to do and I think it’s so awesome. Give Big O nd Lil’ O and M and yourself a big hug from the ND girl. Love and miss you guys.

    • We miss you guys too! Did you see you got a shout out for introducing me to StrongBow? I hope you guys are enjoying the snow, your boys are growing up WAY too fast!

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