Weekend recap…

So I ended up having a great time this weekend with some fun ladies.  I don’t know why I have to have anxiety when I am going to a function without a close friend going with me.  Everyone had a good time, there was a ton of food and the hotel was REALLY pretty. (Hotel Playa de la Luz in Rota, Spain)

I got lots of scrapbooking done, most of 2011, and would have gotten more done but I didn’t have any more pictures printed out! Waiting for my snapfish order to get here so I can finish up last year!  I did also make a couple of photo books on snapfish (I just love that site!) from our Disney cruises the past two years. I took about 500 pictures and felt like taking the lazy way out. I’ve done this before with vacations, it’s just easier!

Other than that we enjoyed some really nice weather this weekend as well. I am SO ready for it to warm up for good. As of right now we are all dressing in layers because it’s cold in the morning and then nice and warm in the afternoon.


I was talking with my husband this afternoon telling him about some things I want to do around the house – mainly just rearranging some furniture, maybe turning the playroom into an office.  He interrupted me and  said “You know we are going to be packing out in about three months right?” Yikes! I am SO not ready for that! I can’t wait to move to Hawaii but I didn’t realize it was coming up so soon!  I love Spain and I am really in no hurry to leave. I feel like we have so much more travelling we need to do. And I am really not ready for the whole pack-out issue. And I’m stressing over housing/moving the dog/school stuff in Hawaii. This base is so small there aren’t that many decisions to be made when you get here. There is one school and only two options for on base housing. I don’t know for some reason in my head I still felt like we had six months left. 

So time to start getting my butt into gear and planning some day trips and I think one more big trip before we leave. Maybe two. I know I really want to get to Majorca and Portugal before we leave. And I want to take a day trip to Morocco but that will have to be a girls trip because my husband has no desire to go. 

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