Impromptu ER visits (are there any other kind?)

The responsible party.

So we were having a wonderful Saturday afternoon playing frisbee in the front yard along with a couple of neighborhood kids. M went chasing after a frisbee and wasn’t looking where she was going… She tripped over the edge of this concrete thing and fell right onto the concrete base. At first (because I am just a horrible person) I may have laughed and said “See, this is why we keep telling your brother to stay away from those!”. But then I realized she really was hurt. Thank goodness daddy was there to pick her up and carry her inside (the girl is almost my size!).

Once inside she didn’t calm down and was crying pretty bad. I grabbed some ice, my purse and told her we were going to the ER. She said she was fine (in between tears) but into the car we went. She said her wrist and hip hurt the worst but she had scraped her knee and elbow as well. I was pretty much convinced that she had a fractured wrist.

What a happy camper!

Lucky for her I had my point and shoot still in my purse from earlier in the day! I get to document the whole thing!  I am so so so grateful that our ER is pretty much always empty. We’ve never had to sit and wait for a bed – I’m actually trying to think if there is even a waiting room. The guys were super nice and made us stop halfway across the parking lot so they could get M a wheelchair (she was limping and holding onto me). So she was in right away and we just had to wait for an x-ray on that wrist. (By this time her hip was feeling better)

The corpsman asked me if she had x-rays before and I said no, only dental ones. Then after a few minutes remembered, oh yeah, she had a chest x-ray when she was like 5 because they thought she might have pneumonia. I can’t remember everything, okay!

Time for an x-ray.

She did great the whole time. They took three different shots and some of them were painful for her but she held them.

Taking pictures as I am hiding behind the glass...

She thought her wrist x-ray looked pretty cool. I am so mad that I didn’t get a good shot of it, or at least be able to tell where the bones are in this picture instead of a white blob!

Doctor came and talked with us and said it didn’t look like a fracture or break. She is pretty much just battered and bruised after her fall. M was pretty bummed since we missed her girl scouts Earth Hour party but she needed to take it easy and sit on the couch. I’m thinking tomorrow morning she is REALLY going to be feeling it.  The ortho doc is going to double check the x-rays this week just to make sure they didn’t miss anything but I am hoping we can avoid a cast!  M had previously stated that she wanted to break something because she wants to wear a cast. After this she said if a sprain hurts this bad, there’s no way she wants to break a bone!

3 thoughts on “Impromptu ER visits (are there any other kind?)

    • She has since changed her mind! She declared that a cast is not worth going through that much pain! I think she just sees friends coming to school with a cast and it looks fun!

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