Finally! A REAL Dog Park!

So, we have one happy puppy after finally getting him to the dog park on base.

Our yard is pretty tiny and there isn’t much room for him to run.  So we try to get him up to the park at least every other day to run and get some energy out.

Always on the bottom of the dog pile. What a baby. Don’t worry, he loves every minute of it!





I wish I had taken a better picture of the dog park itself, it’s nice and big and has a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs. Bowser is just happy he can run and run and run.


Even happy to share his water bottle with a friend!



And at the end of an hour he is tired and ready to nap for hours. Perfect!

(Dog Park is located on Radford Drive near Doris Miller subdivision, next to the golf course.)

4 thoughts on “Finally! A REAL Dog Park!

  1. My friend lives super close to that dog park and is a regular with her dog Mary! I’m a little farther away, but I plan on going there often when I finally get my new puppy so she can socialize with all the dogs. Maybe I’ll see you there! =)

  2. We JUST found out we’re PCSing to Schofield Barracks (as in, LAST night!) so I’ve been searching the web like a mad woman & found your blog. I’m subscribing! It all looks so great!! We’ll be there in late October!! Save some shrimp for me! 🙂

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