Our house… at the moment.

So I know before moving into this neighborhood I was dying to find out what the inside of the houses looked like. At the moment we still have our loaner furniture, we have hardly any of our own stuff at all and it’s pretty much empty. But! It’s better than a hotel room!

So here are some pictures:

Front of house


Side of house, and tiny yard


Back of house, garage (two car!)

Dining room and kitchen



Den, forgot to take a picture of the living room but it’s the same size as this and is open plan to the dining room and kitchen


Entry way, front door, coat closet, bathroom, storage under the stairs


Looking toward front door, standing in living room, stairs up to second floor


Top of stairs, cabinet thing (linens, I don’t even know?) in the hallway next to kids bathroom

Top of stairs, we’ll be sticking a desk here for the kids, also a nice big storage room.

Mckenna’s room


Omar’s room


Master, please note that the kids bed’s were made and mine isn’t. Wonderful.


Master bath


Master closet, it’s actually off the bathroom which is nice. LOTS of space.



So there it is, can’t wait to actually get our stuff so we can make this house our own. I’ve been meaning to get some paint for the kids rooms and get that done before all of our stuff gets here.  It’s nice to go from under a thousand square feet to over 1,700. Lots more room to stretch out!











15 thoughts on “Our house… at the moment.

    • This is military housing, down by Pearl harbor. You can get on this list but it may be a little far from Scholfield. I REALLY wanted to live off base but the utilities were really pricey and I couldn’t find anything I liked that was close enough to my husbands command.

      • My hubs is an O-3 and we get a nice sized COLA, so we’re gonna live on the economy. I hear Makakilo & Kapolei are up on the mountains & get nice tradewinds so you don’t have to run the AC much. Hopefully that’ll help cut down on the power bill some. We lived on post once at Ft. Benning and I just wasn’t all that fond of it. They take all our BAH for not all that nice of a house. Plus O-1, O-2 & O-3, Warrant Officers and Senior Enlisted all get the same house, but get paid VERY different BAH’s. How is that fair. Nope, I’ll pick out my own house & pay the BAH to someone else besides the government. 😉 (Sorry, I get kind of opinionated sometimes.)

      • I totally understand, we are paying very different amounts as an E6 family as a E3 family would pay, and if our bah goes up, they keep it. We really wanted to live off base but with school staring weeks after we got here we just wanted to get into a house!

  1. So big and roomy – you’ve done well with your rented furniture… I love the trees to look out at!
    I must say, you’re vacuuming is perfect!

    • ha! I must say it’s nice to have carpet again! I haven’t really had to vacuum in 4 years so it hasn’t gotten old yet! And we have some really great mature trees outside, monkeypod I think?

    • We had to wait a month but that is only because we turned down housing to get into this neighborhood so we had to wait for an available unit. There was housing available right away if you are trying to get I to something as soon as possible. We really wanted the den that Radford has!

      • Oh ok. I thought you were in housing. My bad. I should probably read more of your blog. Thanks for the info. We were told that we couldn’t even get on the list for a house until we got on the island. We are a little nervous about staying in a hotel with a 5 year old and a 2 year old for an extended amount of time.

      • Kayla, we’re at Schofield Barracks & when we got here last month, we were told there was a 6-9 MONTH wait for company grade officers. And the homes aren’t even new! For some reason we get stuck with the old stuff. We weren’t waiting that long nor were we moving twice (did that at Benning) so we opted to live off post in Mililani. It’s nice & our neighborhood is awesome.

      • Sorry, we are in housing, but we turned down other neighborhoods to get into this one (which also cut off our tla) Hale Moku, Ford Island and Manana had immediate or within a week occupancy dates.

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