Waikiki Aquarium

Okay hawaii. So far I am digging it here but you have GOT to step it up when it comes to the only aquarium on Oahu!  I knew before coming that it was small, but it’s not small it’s tiny! Do NOT come with visions of Monterey Bay Aquarium, Baltimore Aquarium or Shedd Aquarium in your mind (three of the best I’ve been to!)

One thing you can’t fault is the location, right on the water at the east end of Waikiki. Parking is a little crazy, we parked in our favorite cheapo military lot and meandered through Waikiki. It’s about a mile and a half walk and not too bad if you stop for lunch. Which we didn’t do because none of us could agree so we ended up at the aquarium hot and crabby. Fun times!

On with it!



What is wrong with this boy? Seriously, he can not take a normal picture anymore.


And since the posts have been so snorkel heavy I’ll just try to throw some of my favorite fish into a collage so you don’t have to scroll past them. Sorry, I love me some fish!


See that wasn’t so bad. So yeah the aquarium is small but they have some of the most beautiful display tanks I’ve ever seen, huge clams, a carpet anemone that was 2 feet wide, a mangrove tank, a tank outside, really beautiful.




The kiddos held some hermit crabs and pet some urchins, touch tanks are always a big hit.
The clam propagation tank outside. Some seriously stunning clams in there. They also have their coral growing tank outside as well. Really cool and makes me want to volunteer so I can play, too!

Walking right out of the aquarium you are right at the seawall along the water, tried again and again to get a good splash but I kept missing it…





So out we walked onto the breakwater where Omar (jr.) ended up getting soaked by a wave. Whoops!






So aquarium, nice but probably an hour tops for most people. There is a discount if you are a local and the tour includes a talking speaker tour dealy to give you details about all of the exhibits.  Make it part of your day in Waikiki and walk around (it’s also right near the zoo so you can make it a twofer).


One thought on “Waikiki Aquarium

  1. I tried to post this earlier but posting blog comments on an iPad is not the easiest thing in the world…

    Anywhoo…I found your blog when I found out we’re PCSing to Schofield Barracks in October. I Googled “PCS to Hawaii” and up popped your blog. I love it! Y’all are doing tons!

    I read in “Oahu Revealed” (great book by the way, if you don’t have it already you should check it out!) that the Waikiki Aquarium was kinda pathetic. Also heard the zoo was pretty sad as well. I guess they figure everyone is going to the beaches so who wants to do manufactured stuff. They said the “Oceanarium” at the Pacific Beach Hotel is good. Here’s a link with info: http://www.pacificbeachhotel.com/services-facilities/oceanarium It kinda reminds me of the “Aquarium” restaurants in Houston (that’s where my hubby & I grew up & our daughter was born).

    I’d love to hear about the schools…I heard from someone that the kids only go part of the week & the rest they’re expected to do on laptops? Is this true? Ugh, you’d think they’d re-appropriate some of those insanely high tourist taxes to education & fix that mess. Anyway, I’d love to hear your take on schools since your kiddos have been in for a bit.

    I’m enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work! Mahalo!

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