So, yeah, this happened…


I finally went to the doctor today to get my finger looked at. It was the same finger that I had jammed in our last game and I kept telling myself that I just needed to give it time to heal. Well it just wasn’t feeling any better, it was still swollen and every time I tried to straighten it or hit it on something it still hurt like hell.

So off to get it checked, got some x-rays taken, doc tells me that it’s fractured for sure, there is a chip somewhere. So just great. I have never broken anything in my life, but I guess a finger isn’t a bad bone to break! So all was fine up until I got turned over to a corpsman to have it splinted. He made sure that finger got as straight as possible. I. Almost. Died. And I have a pretty high pain tolerance. So now I’m all wrapped up for a few weeks, hopefully my finger is normal after this.

I will say, I never realized how much you use your ring finger until every time I try to use it, it hurts! I can’t put my hair up, type, wash dishes, open jars! It’s terrible! My husband told me I should send his ship a red cross message so he can come home and help me! I can’t do anything, I am broken!

Thankful November {November 7}

Day #7

Today I am thankful for my best friend, Janelle. She has been there for me for the past ten years since our husbands were deployed together long ago… We’ve been through pregnancy, babies, deployments, multiple moves, long distance and we still are as close as ever. We talk on the phone pretty much every day and she has helped to keep me sane while my husband has been gone, keep me motivated to keep up my house, and joined me in virtual couch pity parties.

McKenna: I am thankful for tv.

Omar: I am thankful that I had a pizza party today and I got to outstanding on the chart.