Thankful November {November 6}

Day #6

I am thankful for technology. I am so happy that I have the ability to chat/skype/facetime with my husband when he is halfway around the world. It’s amazing that during his last deployment we relied solely on email and now we have all of these other options. I am so spoiled, I can’t imagine only having letters to communicate.

Mckenna: I am thankful that we have money to fly places.

Omar: I’m thankful that I have a soccer pizza party tomorrow!

Election Day!

So one great thing about living in Hawaii is that we don’t have to stay up all night for election coverage, it’s late afternoon here and half the country’s numbers are in.

I am stressed and can’t take my eyes off the tv!

We did manage to get out of the house this morning and spend a few hours at the beach which was a welcome distraction!

As of right now Florida and Virginia are giving me heart palpitations so I need to go watch more news coverage!

Update: Congratulations President Obama!