Thankful November {November 1}

So this has been popping around Facebook for awhile and I wanted to participate as well, basically you just make a post or status every day from today through Thanksgiving with something for which you are thankful. As busy as we can be I want to be able to sit back and really think about how lucky and blessed we are as a family. So. To start my month:

I am thankful for my family. For my happy, healthy, ridiculous family. While we drive each other crazy we are the perfect mix to balance each other out. Both my immediate and my extended family is wonderful and I love them all!

Mckenna: I am thankful for food.

Omar: I’m thankful we are going to California.


Happy Halloween!

We had a GREAT Halloween this year… It was Omar’s first Halloween in America. Wait I lied, he did have one before when he was a month old.  We did celebrate in Spain on base but it was not quite the same. So this year he was SUPER excited.  He dressed as Darth Vader and then decided the mask was too annoying to wear the entire night but at least I got a picture with it on.

Mckenna was a dark fairy. This is our homemade costume this year, I had a lot of fun making it and she loved it.

I also tried my best with her makeup. I am NOT artistic or good with makeup but she thought it looked great and that’s all that matters!

Although I did it a few hours prior and it did get smudged and had to be fixed before we headed out.

Me, I was pretty boring this year and did a cop out with a witch had and some awesome feathery eyelashes…

And then was irritated because the breeze kept blowing my hat the whole time we were out, AND I carried a light saber that SOMEONE just couldn’t carry.

I can’t post the aftermath sorting of candy because Omar stripped as soon as we walked in the door and sorted in his underwear. Sounds about right.

Also? People are getting WAY too stingy with the chocolate. Keep your Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers, mama wants Snickers and Reese’s!

Oh I had to go snooping for pictures from Halloween past. I can’t believe how much my babies have grown over the past few years!