Striking out at the craft fair

Well Omar and I had a lovely lazy Saturday morning, I woke up just in time to do some chatting online with my hubby before he went to bed. I got to drink a couple of cups of coffee while watching tv, couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend. Finally roused myself enough to get me and the boy ready to scoop up Mckenna from her sleepover. As I am heading out the door she calls asking to stay until 1:45! I know the mom had said that they had somewhere to be at 2, but I didn’t take that for pick your kid up right before then. Nope, my dear, you are getting picked up at 11am, give that poor woman a break (really? three girls sleeping over, is she crazy?)

Pick her up and head over to Hickam to see their big fall craft festival. I LOVE them! We got some good food, well I did anyways, the kids wanted snow cones and ice cream. I don’t know if letting them have it qualifies me as a good mom or a bad one. I, however, got a glorious plate of food from Sam Choy’s, three kaluha pork sliders, islands chips and plantation iced tea for $7. And it was SO pretty! I am a sucker for a well plated dish. I’ve been meaning to get over to their new location on Hickam, their menu looks great.

We finally started wandering around the booths, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed! It seems like everyone has jumped onto the same craft bandwagons. There were SO MANY hairbow booths, like really, how many bows do you think people need? And I love hair stuff, it’s the fact that they were all selling pretty much the same style! Also, the tutus! They were everywhere. It kinda sucked because there were absolutely no options for things you could by for a boy. Eight million girly accessories and not a thing in sight for a boy. I was also a little disappointed because I was on the hunt for some Christmas gifts for the family but there wasn’t much that was Hawaiian. Glitter covered seashells weren’t exactly what I had in mind. Oh, I did see some really cute crocheted pineapple ornaments that I totally forgot to go back for.

So in the end I got nothing. Mckenna bought this sock animal that is so totally her. She just adored it, and I think I am going to encourage her to try making her own. I’ll have to take a picture because this thing is wild, neon, button eyes and a tutu. No normal sock monkeys for my girl.

So now I am still starting from scratch for all of the Christmas gifts I need to send out. I think I’ll try the big flea market at Aloha Stadium, I’ve heard they have a great selection of gifty stuff.

Thankful November {November 10}

Day #10

Today I am thankful for the friends that the kids and I have made since moving to hawaii. I was really nervous to start all over again but we’ve been so lucky to have met such great people.