Ko’olina Lagoon aka Sometime you just need to go to the beach

So after  long day of fun we decided to keep driving west until we hit the beach. One of the best beaches on that side of the island are the Ko’olina Lagoons. We grabbed a spot, pulled the ever-present beach chairs from the trunk, and just enjoyed this fabulous life we have.





This was one of the best sunsets I’d seen since we moved here, we are rarely over on the west side of the island and the sunsets just aren’t quite as pretty from Pearl Harbor, too much in the way!  Stunning.



Mckenna of course wanted to model for me… This girl loves having her picture taken but it’s hard to get one now where she isn’t posing like a crazy person. 


And then there is this kid who HATES having his picture taken but I can occasionally get such a wonderful shot of him I could die.


Okay, disgusting post I know, my kids are gorgeous, I live in paradise. What can I say, it’s a rough life!


Thankful November {November 19}

Day #19

Today I am thankful for my daughter Mckenna. She is growing into an amazing girl. I know as her mom I have a tendency to give her a hard time but it’s because I know she is capable of greatness! Having daddy be gone isn’t easy but she is still doing great in school, staying busy with her robotics club, doing as best as she can to help with her brother, and is really making an effort to be more helpful around the house (or at least less messy!) I never pictured myself having a daughter, I always wanted sons, and she is the daughter I could have never imagined. How this bright, beautiful, creative girl came from me is a mystery! I do love her so!