Somebody has a new toy!

And no, it’s not this guy…

It’s this guy:


Spain was super strict about riding motorcycles and would not allow you to get a Spanish motorcycle license unless you’d had your US motorcycle endorsement for two years, which Omar hadn’t. So first chance he got, time to get a bike. This bike was a ridiculously good deal after searching craigslist and the local bike shops for weeks.  It’s a Harley Night Rod and it is in perfect shape. The previous owner babied it.

So while I have been a scaredy baby and haven’t hopped on the back yet, Mckenna LOVES it!

First ride!




While I am glad Mckenna feels comfortable (a little TOO comfortable, Omar says she forgets to hold on sometimes!) The little one and I will hang out in the garage. At least until Omar is feeling really comfortable riding again and is ready for my extra weight on the back!




Also fun times shooting super reflective helmets!

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