Thank you Missoula Children’s Theater!

Missoula Children’s Theater is a wonderful group that travels around the world and putting together children’s performances.  We are lucky enough to have them come once a year, but were EXTRA lucky because even though they were just here in August, they stopped by again over Spring Break to have the kids put on ANOTHER show!

Auditions for the show (Red Riding Hood) were on Monday, parts assigned and rehearsals began the same day. The kids rehearsed every day that week and everyone who shows up gets a part, from kinder-gardeners up to sixth graders.

Friday night they were ready for their performance, the kids all did great (only a few mishaps but they were entertaining) the script itself was pretty corny but the kids thought it was hilarious.

M had the part of a shadow, she had been practicing all week the week before so she could get a major role but they pretty much all went to the 5th and 6th graders.

Acting like a 'shadow'

The four shadows (they were supposed to be the bad influences along the forest trail - MORAL AHEAD!)

Now they had to change from shadows into fire... cause if you play with fire you will get burned! (It was just so so corny)

The cast, good job guys!

Katie, one of the Missoula leaders. I don't know how these guys do it!

The four shadows/fire/bad plants! They were so excited they had costume changes!

My little star!

M and one of her good friends who was 'Sister Hood'

And then they packed everything up to fly out the next day to do it all over again. We gladly bought a tshirt to support them because they really do make the kids feel special and offer them a chance to be onstage.

For more info: Missoula Children’s Theater

(Sorry about the crappy auditorium pics, these are the best of them!)

Zoo Botanico Jerez

So this week I got to go on a field trip with my son’s daycare class to the local zoo… While the zoo isn’t huge the kids still had a great time.

We left base around 9am  with cloudy skies overhead. I was just praying it wouldn’t rain, especially since I forgot to grab my umbrella.

Here they are sitting all cute on the front steps of the zoo: (blurred to protect the not so innocent)

Right when you walk in the flamingos and peacocks are putting on a show.  This is also where the zoo personnel did a group shot and individual shots.

The kiddos with their teachers. I LOVE my kids teachers.

This little monkey was the first animal exhibit we stopped at and I kid you not, one of the kids went running toward it and smacked face first into the glass. Bloody lip and crying – fabulous.  Thankfully his mom was there and he was all patched up and go to go in a minute.

I can’t tell if this is a peacock or a peahen, I’m not really a fan of the white ones, the colorful ones are so much prettier.

This big boy was making rather rude noises with his mouth. The kids were in hysterics they thought he was farting, but really I think he was flirting with the female? He would blow this big pink bubble thing out of this mouth. I have NO idea, I have never seen a camel do that before.

Hey there pretty lady, I will take your eyelashes!

These storks nest all over Andalucia, it’s pretty cool. Their nests are HUGE. You can hear them clatter their beaks together when they are talking to each other.

Random flower photos? Yes, Please! I love this flower and I have no idea what it is called. It grows facing the ground and is so pretty.

O and two of his best buddies.

The color on this guy was amazing! This pic is blurry because he was pacing back and forth but it was crazy how close we were. I could have stuck my hand through the fence if I wanted to. Love European zoos!

After we had seen most of the animals we stopped for lunch just as it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing!   We were under a pavilion so we stayed nice and dry.  After lunch the kids got to go get their faces painted while all of the parents had to sit and wait at the coffee shop.  Ordered up a cafe manchado (cafe con leche is still a bit to strong for me) and sat and chatted with the rest of the parents while we drank coffee and stayed out of the rain.

End of the day being silly.

Back onto the bus we went and those kids all managed to stay awake until 1:30 when we got back. Of course by then they were all so overtired they were cranky pants! O even took a nap even though he NEVER takes naps anymore.

I was happy to finally get a chance to go to the Zoo since we hadn’t been the whole time we’ve lived here! Both of the kids had gone with school but the one time we tried going was a Monday and they were closed!

If you’re here take they kids, they’ll love it!

Zoo Botanico Jerez

Up the hill from Area Sur mall, closed Mondays! 9 euro adult entrance fee, kids 6 euro, under 3 free.

And then there was candy…

We had a great weekend.

Saturday was an errand day, had to go grocery shopping. Managed to get one of the last two hams in the commissary. Not having ham on Easter would have been a deal breaker. What the heck else do you have? I really would have loved to make lamb but who knows where I can get that here! Anyways, I managed to grab all of my groceries for Easter dinner as well as all of the other stuff I needed and it wasn’t too crowded. YAY!

Also managed to run over to the exchange can get some last minute Easter crap for the kids baskets. My mom sent them clothes but I BEGGED her to not send baskets this year. They are full of stuff the kids really don’t need. I am really trying to cut down on the amount of STUFF that comes into the house.

So I grabbed the kids some bubble sets, pool toys and some candy and called it a day. Also had some books hidden away in my room that I grabbed and put in the baskets.

The weather was beautiful so we threw some steaks on the grill for dinner (we being I) and took a little walk around the neighborhood.  There has been a ton of construction going on as they convert 2 bedroom duplexes to 4 bedroom houses and our street is pretty much a ghost town. The half that was all two bedrooms is closed off and our half of the street with three bedrooms is half empty. They haven’t been moving any new families onto our street.  Anyways, we had a nice walk and I resisted the urge to trespass in all of the new construction!

That night I ended up staying up WAY too late finishing my final project for a class. Now I am down to ONE class! I wish I could say I was excited I am just so ready to be DONE.

Sunday morning came way too early after being up so late. O had me up by 9 and I gave him some breakfast and then hibernated on the couch with some coffee. At 10, M decided she wanted to make everyone breakfast (more like brunch by the time we ate). She had gotten a Paula Dean cookbook for kids from my mom for Christmas and has been dying to try it out. So she made us all fried egg sandwiches and herself french toast. I barely helped her at all (I did fry the bacon for the sandwiches) Just gave some pointers on egg flipping. She did a great job! I need to let her help more in the kitchen but that is ‘my’ space and I am terrible at sharing.  I just know I LOVED helping my mom, aunts and grandmothers in the kitchen (and my grandpa at the grill) when I was her age.

We also managed to dye eggs, bake cookies, have an easter egg/basket hunt, and prepare and eat a huge meal. Then off for another walk to the playground to burn off the food!  Time for the photos!

Okay. Their baskets were in use so they used paper bags to find eggs. Don't judge me. Also M would like you to know that her braces matched her dress! Good choice this month babe!


So! Excited!


Last year this spot was the toughie... she could NOT find the last egg. This year was in the stack of patio chairs.


Oh yeah. And this BRIGHT GREEN one sitting on a white fence. She walked past it about five times.


Found his basket! And then proceeded to try to take everything out and put it into his paper bag.




After looking ALL over the yard she was ready to give up on finding her basket. Finally found it in the doghouse. A place that she had peeked into while looking for eggs. Oh yeah. Covered in a dog blanket. MMMMMmmmm, dog hair chocolate!


My beautiful girl.


A shot with the kiddos. Yes my daughter really is that tall.
(Alternate title: You're not having any candy until you take a picture with mommy!)


And the arguing starts over who got what and who has the better candy. For God's sake it's all the same! I know better!


I hate you all right now for making me pose with this stupid basket.


This is so humiliating.


Adorable. Love this man.


Proof that we dyed eggs since I didn't take a shot of them all lined up pretty and colorful. And now they are all piled in a bowl in the fridge and we've already eaten half of them.


Bubbles! (Every time I see kids and bubbles I think of that "Knocked Up" line: Paul Rudd saying he wished he liked anything as much as his kids liked bubbles. SO. TRUE!)

Bowser loves bubbles, too!


Love these. We went through the whole giant bottle in a day. They are super fun.


Bowser STILL loves bubbles!


After dinner it was still nice and sunny and I snuck outside with a glass of wine on the chaise lounge. I felt like a lizard, winter was too long. O came out to see what I was doing my my husband (!!!) and daughter (!!!) cleaned up dinner and did the dishes (!!!). (Sorry it was just really surprising!)

We were just outside being silly and he kept saying he didn’t want to take a picture and I just kept taking them.


I call this one: "Are you serious, mom?"


And this one: Damn I love this kid.

Winter beach day

Sometime last month we drove over to the beach on base with the dog just for fun.  Now ‘technically’ this beach isn’t open right now, and ‘technically’ Americans are usually only allowed to use it during a certain part of the summer, and ‘technically’ I don’t think dogs are allowed (certainly not off leash!) But I have a tendency to be that person who asks forgiveness instead of permission!

You can see the Spanish Armada right over that stone jetty... Pretty cool!

We had the entire beach to ourselves. It was still a pretty cool day and windy too, not beach weather at all. Unless you have two kids obsessed with seashells and seaglass and a dog that LOVES to run.


Crazy doggie! Those front feet just crack me up!

Attacking waves

We need to get back out there before it starts to really warm up. It’s really nice to be able to let the dog go crazy on the beach. I’m kinda curious to see if he can even swim, he is so top heavy!

Beach baby

Beach babe

Wiped out and COVERED in sand

Our time did get cut a little bit short as another family came onto the beach with a picnic basket. I knew Bowser wouldn’t leave them alone (he ran up to them as soon as he saw them walk down) so home we went with baths for everyone.

I am just so grateful that we can live so near the beach. I can see the bay from my driveway. I can hear the waves as I walk in our housing area. We can go anytime we want to some beautiful beaches along this sunny Spanish coast. While I might complain about the Navy (who me?) I am SO glad my husband isn’t in the Air Force or Army! At least with the Navy we are pretty much guaranteed to be near the ocean! I am so so so looking forward to Hawaii where I can go to the beach every. single. day!

Also: I am totally going to order this print. I just adore it.

16 x 20 paper print - The Cure for Anything Is Salt Water - inspirational ocean artwork, beach word art typography poster

Image via maechevrette

Girls Weekend!

{So it starts out sounding a little crazy….}

A bunch of women from base are going to be spending the weekend at a hotel…

{…but then quickly goes downhill to boring mom-ville …}

and we are going to be scrapbooking the entire time!

I cannot tell you how much I need this. Just to get out of my head and spend some time on my favorite hobby that I am SO behind on.  I am not planning on spending the night but I do plan on hanging out for most of the day Saturday and possibly leaving my stuff and going back over Sunday (the hotel is only about 10 minutes from my house).

And even though I am looking forward to tomorrow -yay scrapbooking!- I am also a little nervous because while I know most of the women there, I don’t KNOW them. I don’t have any close friends in the group that’s going. So I am hoping that people actually talk to me and that I am not a loner the whole day because while I would probably get a lot done, that would crappy and boring. But enough with the girl crap.

So to get ready for this weekend I have been frantically trying to get all of my homework done ahead of time and it has kept me busy, along with night training for work this past Thursday. LOTS of fun stuff coming up at work, we are doing a TON of stuff for April for the Month of the Military Child because – shocker- we have quite a few military children! Also Feria, which is kind of like Spain’s county fair but that needs MULTIPLE posts with a ton of pictures.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

P.S. Birthday shout out to Ben, my son’s brother from another mother!  Happy 5th Birthday Ben!  Wish we could be there to share it with you!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

The Girl Scouts are turning 100 years old and our troop participated by having a sunrise meeting.  On a Sunday. At 7:30 in the morning. It was also pretty dang chilly but at least we had a beautiful view.


Good morning moon!


The girls all huddled together before we got started. Did I mention it was cold!


Everyone got into a circle and sang some songs: Happy Birthday, You Are My Sunshine (which actually has VERY depressing lyrics!), Mr. Sun and the girl scouts friends song.  We also attempted to light some candles but that wasn’t so successful because it was windy as hell. (And cold! Did I mention that!)



Not as picture perfect when unlit.

After we did all that the girls got a breakfast snack of croissants, fruit and juice, then we had everyone pick up 5 pieces of trash from the beach (everyone really could have picked up 50, it was really trashy).


Picture Time!!

All (slight majority) of the Rota Girl Scouts!



Our Junior troop!

I don't even want to tell you how many times we attempted this jump shot. They are all this bad. C'mon girl scouts work together!



Good morning, Rota!