Ready for the weekend

So today ended up being a busy, busy day…

Caught up with my aunt and sister on the phone this morning, managed to wash my hair one handed. Had to run out and get more cookies for our school cookie sales all the way out in Pearl City, mailed two boxes to my hubby and had to do a return at the NEX. picked up Omar at school, back home, back to school to pick up McKenna, back home so she could get her stuff together for her sleepover, back to school to get set up for the fall fest.

Fall fest went great, I spent most of the time in the cafeteria handing out cookies, but the kids had a great time running around, eating junk food and playing with friends. Faces were painted, pizza was eaten and prizes were won. I think out PTA made a good amount of money too which is great.

So as of right now I have no plans for the long weekend. I’m sure I’ll come up with something but right now I am planning on sleeping in and lazing around tomorrow. Okay I’m sure laundry will factor in there somewhere! I also have a ton of pictures I need to get off my camera. But I’m not planning anything, we’ve been keeping so busy I’m ready for a weekend off!

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